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BlogStomp is a workflow tool for photographers that simplifies and expedites image preparation for web use.


BlogStomp consolidates and simplifies the complicated process of preparing images for web use, allowing users to “get out and play” faster.

With lightning speed, BlogStomp re-sizes and optimises images for web use. Its flexible 
options allows users to apply built-in frame customisation, and adjustable sharpening and 
watermarking make it easy to create and save a user’s preferences for the fastest blog/web preparation ever.

The powerful built-in batch processor allows users to process and export
 images in just a few short seconds.

BlogStomp’s ‘Freestyle Mode’ pre-arranges multi-image layouts automatically, displaying the images in a choice of preset or custom frames.

Not loving BlogStomp’s first layout attempt? Hit the ‘Mix It Up’ button and BlogStomp’s powerful layout processor instantly rearranges and displays another option.

BlogStomp is a cross-platform software application and isn’t dependent on Photoshop or any other specific software.

Social media integration further improves workflow efficiency by allowing you to post images to Twitter, create and post Facebook albums with Stomped images, and even create, edit and upload full blog posts directly from BlogStomp.

BlogStomp is not an image enhancement tool – the likes of Photoshop already do that pretty well. BlogStomp is a workflow tool. Pure and simple.

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