Go on, buy yourself more time.

Purchase BlogStomp and it’s yours for keeps. No ongoing fees, charges for extra features, or annoying emails from us trying to sell you more stuff.

Our support team is available, should you need a little help. Hopefully you won’t.

What you’re buying

To gain full, un-watermarked access to BlogStomp, you need to purchase an Activation code.

The Activation Code ‘unlocks’ the trial app, which you’ve likely already downloaded and had a play with. (If you get stuck, here are some instructions on how to activate the app.)

Purchasing Options

There’s two purchasing options. A Single User pack lets you install BlogStomp on two computers. The Studio Pack will let you install it on up to five computers.

Add to your cart whichever option suits you best, and check out as directed. Happy Stomping!

Single User
  • Activation is good for two installs
The Studio Pack
  • Activation is good for five computers