Photographers worldwide understand the value of establishing an online presence through channels such as blogging and social media. However the process of getting images from camera to web is, traditionally, a wildly time consuming process.
The reality is, although maintaining an online presence is vital to a successful business, photographers make money by shooting images, not sitting behind a computer screen preparing images for their blog.


The Upbringing

BlogStomp was born out of this necessity – its frustrated founders wanted to spend less time behind a computer screen, and more time out doing what they love: making photographs.

Initially BlogStomp was comprised of a set of Photoshop-based tools.

Their success was soon followed by a desire to make the BlogStomp functionality more accessible to users who may not use specific software products such as Photoshop. Thus, the BlogStomp application was born.

Since Version 1’s release in early 2011, the BlogStomp user base has grown rapidly.

We’re now at Version 2 which further improves workflow efficiency and provides users with access to more functionality allowing them to do more from directly within the App.

The Death (sort of) of the Photoshop Actions

While there’ll always be a special place in our hearts for the original BlogStomp Photoshop Actions, we’ve decided to no longer sell or support them in order to focus our efforts fully on the BlogStomp App.

We decided to put the Actions to rest for one simple reason: the BlogStomp App does everything the Actions do plus more, and more simply.

The App is the future of BlogStomp, and we owe it to our users to focus on keep making it as dang awesome as we can.

RIP BlogStomp Actions for Photoshop. *Sniff*

The Team

Chip Gillespie

Chip Gillespie

One of BlogStomp’s original founders and a Houston-based wedding photographer, Chip is the ultimate all-rounder helping to drive the development, user experience, marketing and support of the business. He’s our man on the ground in our biggest market, and he wears one helluva mustache.

Craig Davis

As typical genius goes, Craig doesn’t do much work around here, but we are thankful for his mastermind! Another of BlogStomp’s original founders, Craig spends his time photographing weddings in Houston and beyond, and conjuring up ways to take over the world. His years of experience in the wedding industry lend valuable insight into the direction and future development of BlogStomp products.
Danny Bay
From his cave in New Zealand, Danny works tirelessly slinging code and practicing the development ninjitsu that makes the BlogStomp application as fully-powered as it is. Danny and the development team continually turn out mind-numbingly amazing features in all of BlogStomp’s image tools. Presently, he’s hard at work with his trusty sidekick, Buster, his retriever puppy.
Andrew Bay
Based in Ohio, Andy is an uber-talented developer who works closely with Danny. He has spent most of his working life developing and testing software applications for one of the largest corporations in the world– child’s play compared with wrangling his three young children. On many occasions Andy has literally saved BlogStomp’s day.  We refer to him as Superman.

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